Freitag, 11. November 2011

LIVESTREAM: 13. November 2011, Techonomy Conference

It’s not a tech conference. It’s a conference about how tech is changing everything else.
Techonomy is about the centrality of technology to business and social progress and the urgency of embracing the rapid pace of change brought by technology. Every major issue going forward will be affected by how it intersects with tech innovation. We believe the relevance of leaders depends on understanding and keeping this conviction at the forefront of their thinking.
Our 2011 conference will focus on Revolutions in Progress, and the growing mismatch between the desires and capabilities of technology-empowered individuals and the habits and practices of the institutions, corporations and governments that serve them. Techonomy aims to help leaders understand this growing tension and to formulate appropriate new strategies for communication, leadership and innovation.
The program will examine the critical relationship for today’s societies between technology innovation, productivity and jobs. It will also probe the rapidly evolving social, cultural and economic structures that underpin how individuals and organizations go about our daily business.
The revolutions underway in mobile, social and analytics call for a fresh approach to business and leadership. In the old economy, tech shaped production, but in today’s Techonomy, tech profoundly shapes who we are and what we do.

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