Dienstag, 12. Januar 2016


technical innovation this time at Startup Grind Vienna! Let's join the first Startup Grind this year with Lukas Kinigadner from Anyline.

Lukas’ background lies in the combination of tech and business studies - he and Daniel (now the CTO of Anyline) started an agency out of their flat which transformed in the Mobile App Development Agency “9Yards GmbH” in 2013. There they worked on projects for clients like Lugner City, Cineplexx and United Optics. That’s also when they moved to the coworking space sektor5 and met mySugr - the company, which Anyline built the first text recognition solution for, a scanner for blood sugar meters. 

Now they are one of the european specialists in real-time text recognition. By using the mobile camera as an interface, the system of Anyline is able to digitize information through advanced image pre-processing and text recognition algorithms.

Sounds complicated? But is changing the world! How? Lukas will tell you on 12th of January.

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